Strengthening water wise management and climate mitigation through integrated policies, regulation and financing

09:00 – 10:30

Mezzanino Room ST5 (M11)

Water has a major role to play in climate adaptation and mitigation of greenhouse gases. Examples comprise simple measures such as progressive replacement of diesel-powered water pumps towards a more complex infrastructure such as renewable energy generation from wastewater treatment plants.

There are strong synergies between climate and water action. Emissions from the water sector (especially drinking water and wastewater services) present new opportunities to contribute to Nationally Determined Contributions limiting global temperature rise. Holistic water management approaches guided by good policies and governance require special emphasis, for example for using water to produce renewable energy. Integrating water and climate agendas, promoting coherence between adaptation and mitigation approaches, and sound accounting methods for GHG emissions will improve access to financial mechanisms and drive the so-needed upscale of mitigation measures. How to create an environment enabling the mitigation in the water sector? How to design climate smart water policies and regulations to lead the water sector to a low carbon climate resilient economy and achieve transformational changes? What are the challenges and opportunities of accessing climate finance for the water sector? Join us in this session and learn from case studies from different regions.



Video presentation selected by the Citizens Process (5 min)

Welcome and introduction, CAF (4 min)

Keynote Speaker, Astrid Michels, GIZ (8 min)

Keynote Speaker, Franz Rojas, CAF (8 min)

Panel discussion (40 min):

  • Victor Salviati, FAS, Brazil
  • Geoffroy Gaillard, SIAAP, France
  • Jorge Carrillo, Ministry of Housing, Cities and Territory, Colombia
  • Alistair Morrison, Green Climate Fund
  • Leah Pope, WYN

Interaction with the auditorium (20 min)

Conclusions (5 min by the moderator)

Convening organizations



Other  associated organisations

Portuguese Environment Agency, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (Bolivia); Sustainable Amazonas Foundation (FAS, Brazil), Institute for Sustainable Development and Research (ISDR, India), SIAAP (France), Green Climate Fund (GCF), Department of Water and Sanitation (South Africa), Ministry of Housing (Peru), Ministry of Environment (Panama)